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IT-Consulting is for the Big Guys, isn't it?

If you have already heard the abbreviation IT (Information Technology), then you have already heard the term IT Consulting.

However, very few know exactly what is behind this word and very few believe that such advice can be advantageous.

  • You probably don't have an IT infrastructure with frontend-, applications- and database servers?
  • Probably you do not have any applications that have been specially developed for you, which require quite a lot of consulting work.
  • But what about your Windows 10 computer or your Microsoft server? Not only that both cost you a lot of money and cause waiting times and failures thanks to constant updates. They often also need an account with Microsoft and actually you have no idea what is being transferred to Microsoft.
  • Or what about your Adobe and Office applications that were not exactly cheap to buy either and always surprise with new versions?
  • How about your accounting software and those hours of manually capturing receipts?
  • Not to mention Google Chrome and its services that could run in the background of your computer.
  • Of course, you also have a virus scanner and be therefore protected against viruses, trojans and all other traps on the Internet.
  • What about your network infrastructure?
  • What does your data backup do and what happens if your office burns down?
  • Of course you have a website but how is it displayed on a smartphone and what exactly does it bring to your company.

All of these things fall into the IT consulting field. There is an incredibly large potential in all of these points and it often makes sense to discuss your IT infrastructure with an independent person.

Especially if you start up a company and all these things are not yet available, you can often save more money than you spend on such advice.

A consultant is someone who saves his client almost enough to pay his fee. ~ Arnold H. Glasgow